Terrain Example

This is the landing page for the fifth example included in the rendering controls package.

Example 05: Terrain Demo

In this project we create a 3D terrain world and give the user a flying camera they control with the mouse and keyboard. As the demo is computationally intensive, you have the ability to change the terrain's pixel resolution level using the up and down keyboard keys.
There are three planet styles included in this demo. The first terrain planet style mimics earth with grassy green low lying areas, snowy white mountain peeks, and pools of blue water. The second planet style mimics mars and includes a dusty depth of field blur effect, as well as a red sun leaving orange streaks in the cloudy atmosphere. The final planet is an alien world with a volcanic magma surface and swirling gases blown by wind.
Video: Terrain Demo

Learning Resources

Some of the concepts this example demonstrates are shader development, procedural terrain creation, using render buffers, creating a basic camera, basic geometric math including matrices and vertexes, and finally handling input.