This is the new courseware section for teaching students about computer programming. The subjects listed below are a of courses we are offering. Each course is broken into several days of materials and provides help references and programming examples encouraging students to learn through both instructor guidance and self study. Voice chat for classes are hosted on this on this discord server.

Some of the material we teach falls here falls outside the scope of Free Pascal and Lazarus, but they are important to understand in the overall context of computer programming and computer science. Rest assured though, we provide plenty of example Pascal programs you can lean from and study at your own pace. But please take note, the courseware materials in the links below are subject to change revisions are made.

Course 101: Introduction to Computer Programming

The introduction to computer programming course is designed for students who have little to no experience in creating computer programs using the Linux operating system. In this course we gradually teach computer programming concepts using the Free Pascal language and Lazarus integrated development environment.

Course 102: Object Oriented Programming

The object oriented programming course is designed for students who understand the basics of computer programming and the Linux operating system. In this course we cover the basic concepts behind object oriented programming. We also delve into incorporating external programming libraries resources. Other languages, tools, and platforms are explored.


A series of homework projects to accompany this courseware is located here. Each project build upon materials taught in lessons from the courses and comes with instructions helping students put what they've learned to practice.

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