Debian Packager

A tool to create deb packages easily
Debian Packager is tool for Debian Linux distributions that makes creating deb packages easy. You pick your binary executable application file, an image file for your icon, fill out the form, and press build. Debian Packager will find your application dependencies and build a deb package of your application.
After users have downloaded your deb package, they can install it by double clicking the file or by typing "dpkg -i yourpackage.deb" in a terminal. Your program is then installed and available in the application menu on their system. To uninstall your application users can type "dpkg -r yourpackage" in a terminal and it will be removed.
Simply fill out this form to create a deb package


Debian Packager is available for Debian Linux distributions. If you're interested in trying Debian Packager use the link below to download and install the application


The full source code to the Debian Packager application is available here on github. It is free open source software.