File Search Utility

A portable cross platform visual file search tool.
File Search is a free open source graphical cross platform file search program designed to make it easy to search for files on your computer. The program presents itself as a simple form you can fill out then click search to find files. The program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. The complete source code is freely available on github.
File Search works identically on all platforms


To use the program type or browse to a search folder, and optionally fill in the other options then press search. The results of your file search are displayed in a grid at the bottom of the window.
Additional options include file pattern matching, searching file contents, searching by file date, as well as file size. You can also open the folder containing your result by double clicking a result, or copy its location to the clipboard using a context menu.
Quick Tip: You may use wildcards to search for files such as "*.txt" to find all text files, or "m*" to find all file starting with the letter m. You can also use multiple file patterns by separating them with a semicolon. For example "*.???;*.c" searches for files with a 3 character extension or files with an extension ending in the letter c.


Downloads of File Search are available for Apple Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, and Debian Linux distributions. The source code is available on github here.


If you want to comment or make a suggestion to improve File Search, consider leaving a comment here.