CPU Graph

A desktop widget to graph CPU usage
CPU Graph is a utility for the Linux desktop that monitors the usage of your computer's processing cores. With the press of a global hotkey (Super + U) you can quickly review the processor usage over the past hour. Simply drag the timeline srcubber from right to left to make the graph go back in time. Press the global hotkey again to hide the graph.
The application is meant to be left running in the background where it can monitor your processor's activity. A tray icon is provided to remind you the application is running. When the graphing widget is not being shown the application takes care to use a minimal amount of your computer's resources. If you want to stop the monitoring all together use the "Quit" menu item from the CPU Graph tray icon.
CPU Graph can be adjusted to a variety of layouts


CPU Graph is available for Debian Linux distributions. If you're interested in trying CPU Graph use the link below to download and install the application


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