A utility to backup multiple folders to multiple locations
Backer is a visual front end to the rsync command. It allows the user to select mutple folders and back them up to mutiple locations. It stores your backup settings for you so that all your backups can be run easily using a single button click. Backer also tracks and logs your backup history for you.
The rsync command is available by default on both Mac and Linux. It is a command line program that efficiently transfers and synchronizes files between a computer and an external hard drive and across networked computers by comparing the modification times and sizes of files. Backer provides a visual interface to the rsync allowing you to point, click, and remember your backup settings.
Backer allows for multiple backup sources and locations

Backup Locations

By default Backer starts with /home as the root for finding your folders to backup, and /media for external or network locations to store backups of those folders. On Mac these locations are /Users and /Volumes.
You can select multiple folders under your home folder on the left. To backup a folder click the "Add" button below your home folder tree on the left. You can select multiple storage locations on the right by again clicking an "Add" button under the location tree. When Backer runs the backup process it will duplicate all folders added on the left side in each of the folders on the right.
So, for example, if you have two external or network drives added as backup locations on the right, the backup will duplicate the same folders on two separate drives. This is useful in providing extra redundancy to protect your backups. If one of your backup drives fails you would still have a redundant good backup protecting your files.
Quick Tip: You can open any of your backup sources or locations to view the files and folders in your file default manager by simply double clicking any item name in the boxes below the Add buttons. This may help you either to restore files from backup or view files about to be backed up.


Backer is available for Mac and Linux. If you're interested in trying Backer use the link below to download and install the application

Source Code

The full source code to the Backer application is available here on github. It is free open source software.