Application Explorer

A tool to view Lazarus application components.
Application Explorer is tool for Lazarus applications that allows developers to explore live components. Originally written as a tool for Delphi applications, I've recreated a simplified version for Lazarus which works much the same as the original.
Application Explorer can be installed as a package into the Lazarus IDE. When installed as a package the tool can be used to explore the live components used by Lazarus. You can view the visual hierarchy of components, their source code units, inheritance tree, and the properties specific to their instance. Application Explorer can also be reused in your own independent applications, and may be of use for debugging visually complex programs.
Video: An example demonstrating how Application Explorer can be used

Download and Package Install

You can download the source code to Application Explore using the link below. To install it in Lazarus.
  • Extract the source code to a folder
  • From Lazarus go to the menu item "Package | Open Package File"
  • Browse to and select the file "appexplore.lpk"
  • Then press "Use | Install"
  • And finally say "Yes" when asked to rebuild the Lazarus IDE
Application Explorer will now be available under the "Help" menu.


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