Another failure to build, Debian Jessie on AMD64

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Another failure to build, Debian Jessie on AMD64

Postby brian_m » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:38 am

Decided I should take a look at this project, my system currently has the latest SourceForge RC (1.6 RC2) installed. Downloaded, chmodded and ran, several miles of output but the last part of it all was the error pasted below. I accepted defaults for everything, and was run from my home directory. Any idea of what's wrong, please?



make: execvp: ./tools/install/ Permission denied
./lazbuild --lazarusdir=. --build-ide=
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc "-iWTOTP"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc "-va" "compilertest.pas"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc "-iWTOTP" "-Px86_64" "-Tlinux" "-Fr/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/codetools/fpc.errore.msg"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc "-va" "-Px86_64" "-Tlinux" "-Fr/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/codetools/fpc.errore.msg" "compilertest.pas"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc "-iWTOTP" "-Fr/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/codetools/fpc.errore.msg" "-Fr/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/codetools/fpc.errore.msg"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc "-va" "-Fr/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/codetools/fpc.errore.msg" "-Fr/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/codetools/fpc.errore.msg" "compilertest.pas"
Hint: (lazarus) Missing state file of SynEditDsgn 1.0: /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/synedit/design/units/x86_64-linux/gtk2/SynEditDsgn.compiled
Info: (lazarus) Execute Title="Compile package SynEditDsgn 1.0"
Info: (lazarus) Working Directory="/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/synedit/design/"
Info: (lazarus) Executable="/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc"
Info: (lazarus) Param[0]="-B"
Info: (lazarus) Param[1]="-MObjFPC"
Info: (lazarus) Param[2]="-Scghi"
Info: (lazarus) Param[3]="-Cg"
Info: (lazarus) Param[4]="-O1"
Info: (lazarus) Param[5]="-g"
Info: (lazarus) Param[6]="-gl"
Info: (lazarus) Param[7]="-l"
Info: (lazarus) Param[8]="-vewnhibq"
Info: (lazarus) Param[9]="-vm5024,4055"
Info: (lazarus) Param[10]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/packager/units/x86_64-linux"
Info: (lazarus) Param[11]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/lazutils/lib/x86_64-linux"
Info: (lazarus) Param[12]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/lcl/units/x86_64-linux"
Info: (lazarus) Param[13]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/lcl/units/x86_64-linux/gtk2"
Info: (lazarus) Param[14]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/lazcontrols/lib/x86_64-linux/gtk2"
Info: (lazarus) Param[15]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/synedit/units/x86_64-linux/gtk2"
Info: (lazarus) Param[16]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/ideintf/units/x86_64-linux/gtk2"
Info: (lazarus) Param[17]="-Fu/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/synedit/design/"
Info: (lazarus) Param[18]="-FU/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/synedit/design/units/x86_64-linux/gtk2/"
Info: (lazarus) Param[19]="-dLCL"
Info: (lazarus) Param[20]="-dLCLgtk2"
Info: (lazarus) Param[21]="-dgc"
Info: (lazarus) Param[22]="allsyneditdsgn.pas"
Hint: (11030) Start of reading config file /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc.cfg
Hint: (11031) End of reading config file /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/fpc.cfg
Free Pascal Compiler version 3.1.1 [2016/01/23] for x86_64
Copyright (c) 1993-2015 by Florian Klaempfl and others
(1002) Target OS: Linux for x86-64
(3104) Compiling allsyneditdsgn.pas
(3104) Compiling syndesignstringconstants.pas
(1010) Writing Resource String Table file: syndesignstringconstants.rsj
(3104) Compiling syneditlazdsgn.pas
(3104) Compiling synpropertyeditobjectlist.pas
/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/synedit/design/allsyneditdsgn.pas(10,3) Hint: (5023) Unit "SynDesignStringConstants" not used in allsyneditdsgn
(1008) 980 lines compiled, 0.6 sec
(1022) 3 hint(s) issued
UpdateBasePoFile saving /home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/components/synedit/languages/syndesignstringconstants.po
An unhandled exception occurred at $000000000053DA93:
EAccessViolation: Access violation
$000000000053DA93 line 1189 of ideexterntoolintf.pas
Info: (lazarus) Execute Title="Build IDE"
Info: (lazarus) Working Directory="/home/brian/Development/FreePascal/lazarus/"
Info: (lazarus) Executable="/usr/bin/make"
Info: (lazarus) Param[0]="idepkg"
Info: (lazarus) Param[1]="-w"
$0000000000575138 line 577 of exttools.pas
$00000000005791B7 line 1497 of exttools.pas
$000000000057A3C1 line 1786 of exttools.pas

Makefile:3076: recipe for target 'useride' failed
make: *** [useride] Error 217
strip: 'lazarus': No such file

Free Pascal 3.0 with Lazarus install complete

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Re: Another failure to build, Debian Jessie on AMD64

Postby sysrpl » Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:13 am

Code: Select all


# I haven't tested on Debian Jessie, but here is a manual install script you might want to try

sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion curl   p7zip-full libgtk2.0-dev libcairo2-dev libpango1.0-dev   libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev libatk1.0-dev libghc-x11-dev


rm -rf $BASE
mkdir -p $BASE
cd $BASE

curl -o $BASE/fpc-$FPC_STABLE.$CPU-linux.7z$FPC_STABLE.$CPU-linux.7z
7za x $BASE/fpc-$FPC_STABLE.$CPU-linux.7z -o$BASE
rm $BASE/fpc-$FPC_STABLE.$CPU-linux.7z

$PPC_CONFIG_PATH/fpcmkcfg -d basepath=$BASE/fpc-$FPC_STABLE/lib/fpc/\$FPCVERSION -o $PPC_CONFIG_PATH/fpc.cfg

svn co fpc
cd $BASE/fpc
make all
make install INSTALL_PREFIX=$BASE/fpc
cp $BASE/fpc/lib/fpc/$FPC_BUILD/* $BASE/fpc/bin

export PPC_CONFIG_PATH=$BASE/fpc/bin
$PPC_CONFIG_PATH/fpcmkcfg -d basepath=$BASE/fpc/lib/fpc/\$FPCVERSION -o $PPC_CONFIG_PATH/fpc.cfg

cd $BASE
svn co lazarus
cd $BASE/lazarus
make all
strip -s *
touch $LAZSH
echo "#!/bin/bash" >> $LAZSH
echo "export PATH=$BASE/fpc/bin:\$PATH" >> $LAZSH
echo "export PPC_CONFIG_PATH=$BASE/fpc/bin" >> $LAZSH
echo "$BASE/lazarus/lazarus --pcp=$BASE/lazarus/config" >> $LAZSH
chmod +x $LAZSH

cd $BASE
touch $LAZDESK
echo "[Desktop Entry]" >> $LAZDESK
echo " " >> $LAZDESK
echo "Name=Lazarus" >> $LAZDESK
echo "Comment=A free pascal development environment" >> $LAZDESK
echo "Type=Application" >> $LAZDESK
echo "Categories=Development;IDE;" >> $LAZDESK
echo "Exec=$BASE/lazarus/" >> $LAZDESK
echo "Icon=$BASE/lazarus/images/icons/lazarus_orange.ico" >> $LAZDESK
echo "Terminal=false" >> $LAZDESK
chmod +x $LAZDESK

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Re: Another failure to build, Debian Jessie on AMD64

Postby brian_m » Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:51 pm

Thanks, but I gave your script a quick try and that blew up as well. I'll try to go through it all in detail this evening.

BTW, despite checking the 'notify me when a reply is posted' box, I got no notification of your reply. Can you confirm the e-mail address from which such notification should come, and I'll make sure there's a suitable hole in my filters?

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Re: Another failure to build, Debian Jessie on AMD64

Postby sysrpl » Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:46 pm

I'll check into the email filters soon. If it's blowing up then there is likely something about your specific system configuration causing problems. I tested the script against two Debian based (Raspberry and Ubuntu) and there were no problems.

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